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Scrap Car Buyers in Geelong That Pay Top Dollars

Why waste time calling all around town for a fair cash offer on your unwanted vehicle when you can come straight to the best at All Geelong Car Removal? Our scrap car buyers will make you an offer you can accept or reject with no pressure or obligations. You can expect a fair price for your car regardless of its condition, from used, old, rusted, flooded, broken, damaged and wrecked through to everything in between.

Top Paying Junk Car Buyers in Geelong 

We pride ourselves on being the top paying junk car buyers in the greater Geelong metro area. We believe that even the worst condition cars have useful salvage which can be repurposed or recycled, which is why we incentivise owners of any such car to sell them to us and be compensated with up to $9999 cash. We can assess your vehicle and make an offer over the phone or online.

Our business aims to buy cars for cash for different reasons including:

  • To resell the vehicle
  • To recondition parts
  • To recycle materials

With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that you’ll always get the best possible price for your used, scrap and junk cars. Our auto buyers and wreckers know the value of every vehicle we purchase, allowing us to guarantee the best experience when you sell to us.

What Does the Process Involve?

When we buy your junk car, we aim to make the process as simple as possible. If you have a vehicle to sell, our buyers will buy it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a truck, 4WD, van, SUV, ute, jeep, bus, bike or commercial vehicle. We’ll make you an offer with no pressure to accept. You can guarantee our valuation specialists won’t insult you or waste your time with an unfair price.

If you accept our offer, we’ll then schedule free car removal within 24 hours regardless of whether your car is running or not running. We work around your schedule and arrive at a time that suits you. Our technicians remove vehicles regardless of the time of day, understanding that you may need our help in the early morning hours, after work, or at night. Our removals are easy to schedule and take about a half hour to 45 minutes to complete.

Once we arrive to purchase and remove your vehicle, you can expect our technician to:

  • Quickly inspect the vehicle
  • Remove the plates of the car if they have not already been removed
  • Provide the necessary paperwork that makes the sale legal
  • Provide you with a cash payment as quoted at the time of your enquiry
Geelong Car Buyers

Why We’re the Most Respected Car Buyers in Geelong 

All Geelong Car Removal has become a respected car buyer because we’re honest with our clients, fair with our offers, and reliable with our services. We’re also fully licensed and insured, providing services that are second to none. In addition, we:

  • Accept vehicles of any condition (including fire or accident damaged cars)
  • Offer easy to obtain quotes over the phone or online
  • Provide instant cash payments made at the time we purchase your vehicle
  • Offer free 24-hour car removals anywhere in Geelong
  • Provide free auto wrecking and recycling that leaves the best cash payment in your hands
  • Provide paperwork so you know you have sold your auto to a legitimate company

We provide all the courtesy services that take away the hassles associated with selling your car.

Can You Buy Any Type of Car?

Yes, we can buy any type of car no matter what age it is or what state it might be in.

How Much Do You Pay for Cars?

That depends on the make, model, age and condition of the car. We can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a car, up to a maximum of $9999.

Will I Get Paperwork for Selling My Scrap Car?

Yes, we provide documentation that specifies the transfer of ownership and other legal matters.

What Do You Do with Junk Cars?

We recycle and repurpose the materials, parts and components of the vehicle so that they don’t go to waste, reducing demand for virgin resources and minimising damage to the environment.

Give Our Pros a Call Today 

You can’t go wrong choosing All Geelong Car Removal when you’re looking for scrap car buyers in Geelong to buy your junk car. Give us a call today on 0456 297 437 and we’ll quote you an offer of up to $9999 cash for your vehicle. You can also contact us online to get your questions answered and book our services.